Duets: Untitled Album In Progress

by G. Wood & partners



These are preliminary mixes and working demos for an stalled-out album of duets with lady singers. Because I like duets. And ladies. And albums. I'll get back to it someday.


released January 26, 2014

G.Wood: guitar, bass, keys.
CP Applegate: drums
Other people: other stuff



all rights reserved


OneOff Rekerdz North Brunswick, New Jersey

These are the collected recordings of all OneOff artists, which is pretty much a shuffling of the same people into several configurations. Mostly, it's G. Wood/Geary Joe Wood and CP Applegate, with a rotating crew. Lotsa guests. Rock, you devils.

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Track Name: Don't Want It (with Cyndi Dawson)
In this world of opportunity
You have or you have not
Or you’re hanging in the middle
Holding on to what you’ve got

Paying taxes, wearing glasses
Trying to read the fine print
Buying crap at Walmart
Eating frozen shit

I don’t want it, don’t need it,
Don’t have to have it, just to feel good (2x)
I don’t want it, don’t need it,
Don’t have to have it, just to feel good about me

There’s a Bluetooth and an iPod and a theater TV
An xbox and a smartphone and a PAD
Get a tennis bracelet, contour bra, designer SUV
A four-slice toaster and an ATV


BRIDGE: All your dreams fulfilled (3x)

Join a dating service you can meet all the chicks
Be a paid egg donor, adopt a few kids
Get a fixed rate mortgage with no money down
Be the king of your own castle with a solid gold crown


There’s a world of opportunity for you and me
In six months time you can have your degree
Be a paralegal, CNA, medical assistant
Drive the big rigs, be an electrician


BRIDGE: with spoken poem
Track Name: Devil Music
Devil’s got his own kind of music
Devil’s got his own kind of sound
Kind of thing make you jump and shout
Throw your hat on the floor, pull your shirttail out
Devil’s got his own kind of music

Satan’s got his own kind of music
Satan got his own kind of sound
Kind of stuff make a young girl dare
Fall on her back with her feet in the air
Devil’s got his own kind of music

Beelzebub is on the prowl tonight
Ol’ Beelzebub is on the prowl tonight
Ain’t no use cryin’ and prayin’
Just hop aboard the hellbound train
Beelzebub is on the prowl tonight


Going through the gates of Hell tonight
Yeah we’re going through the gates of Hell tonight
Satan put out the welcome mat
Old Lucifer’s one rockin’ cat
Going through the gates of Hell tonight

Devil’s got his own kind of music
Devil’s got his own kind of sound
Kind of thing make you jump and shout
Devil music what it’s all about
Devil’s got his own kind of music (3x)

Yeah, the Devil's got his own kind of sound.
Track Name: Handyman (with Rita McAdoo)
A leaking faucet
My boyfriend would have stopped it
A broken door
He’d make it swing
An aching heart
He’d fix that, too

But I can’t depend on anybody else
And so I’ve got to learn to do these things for myself
Or not

My girlfriend’s gone
And I miss her so
Had a little job uptown
Thought she’d never know
She packed her bags
I guess she had to go

I’ll get along
As best I can
But I’m starting to miss
My handyman
He’s a real hard worker
He’s in high demand

Now some guys work
In a corner office
Making decisions
Doing lunch with the bosses
But I’m the kind of man
Works with his hands

You worked for Sally and Amy
And Betty McBride
Lola said she was never
So satisfied
You take pride in your work
Always get your price

But I can’t depend on my handy boy
Some things I’ve got to learn to avoid—
Or not
Track Name: Love (with Jacqui Crowe)
Love has set me wandering
Love has brought me home
Love has turned my blood to ice
Love has kept me warm

Love has made me crazy
Love has kept me sane
Love has made me reckless
And shown me restraint

Love has been a little lamb
Love has been a beast
Love has fed me bread and water
Love has been a feast

Love has dropped me on my head
Love has tied me to a bed
Love has filled me full of lead
Love has healed and love has bled
And love has whispered in my ear
Called me honey, called me dear
Love told me, get outta here
Love has made me disappear

Love has been a mystery
Love has been my enemy
Love has taught me empathy
Love brought out the best in me
And love has told the boldest lies
Love has made me roll my eyes
But love will never be denied
Writes its name across the sky

Love will haunt me ‘til the end
Love will be my only friend
Love will show me where I’ve been
Love will be a whirlwind
And love will lie and love will cheat
Love will sweep me off my feet
Leave me begging on the street
But, really now, isn’t love sweet

Isn’t love sweet, isn’t love sweet, isn’t love sweet.
Track Name: Problem (with Stephanie Delisee)
There’s a man with a gun, standing on a ledge
He’ll either shoot himself or jump, it’s all the same in the end
Fifteen hundred channels on my two-way wrist TV
I can see that anytime, it’s nothing to me

Mocha frappe chino at a table on the street
Paris in the springtime, the world at my feet
Nothing wrong, my signal strong, the whole world on parade
Don’t stare at my laptop, I’m not that kind of babe

You’ve got a problem, don’t try to solve it with me (2x)

Unsurpassed my car is fast, I drive it like the wind
I know it’s not the autobahn, but that’s the mood I’m in
City streets so crowded, I need a little space
S'est levé, look at me, nothing out of place.

Ankles crossed, my lips are glossed, I show a little skin
Funny boy in corduroy, a hipster wanders in
Wants to buy me something, gestures with a tray
Coq au vin, escargot, please just go away.

You’ve got a problem, don’t try to solve it with me (3x)

Every night I’m dancing at the disco drinking gin
Well, dance yourself away from me, or take it on the chin
You don’t like my corduroy, you won’t sit with me
Oh, I like you very much, I’d like it if you’d leave.
Battle of the sexes? This is getting trite
But you’re the one who’s fighting, now please just say goodnight
You don’t recognize me? I was a pop star once
Well color me impressed, now run you’ll miss your bus.
I’ve enjoyed our conversation, thank you for your time
Honestly, don’t mention it, the pleasure was all mine
Do I detect sincerity, or is it just a ploy?
I’m beginning to appreciate you, you’re a clever boy.
Love ya, babe
Je t'aime